Cold Storage/Food Facilities


With millions of square feet in cold storage construction each year, ARCO is at the forefront of foodservice. ARCO’s team of cold storage design/build experts understand the unique challenges a freezer/cooler facility presents. From distributorships to process facilities, ARCO knows the components that need to be explored in the early stages of planning for these unique project types. Determining overall layout, product flow, raw and finished goods storage, temperature and humidity controls and code/FDA/USDA requirements is critical. ARCO works closely with the design team to effectively analyze these key components to reduce exposure and provide the best value to clients. In an industry where expertise is essential, ARCO is a trusted advisor of some of the biggest names in the business.


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ARCO’s design/build delivery method provides customers with go to contract pricing based on in-house preliminary design at no cost. Contact us today for more information: [email protected]